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STUND (swedish word for "moment")

A 12 hour long music relay with improvisation as fundament.

STUND lasts for 12 hours non-stop, without any sort of break. There is no score for STUND, no specific melody, no chord, no given pulse, no theme,
no rehearsal.

Instead of this, the piece is entirely made by improvisation

The music is created in the shivering moment when musicians meet and play together for the first time, in front of an audience. The piece get its shape from a ongoing change, as the musicians, individually, enter and leave the stage, in a long relay.

The invited musicians has different musical background, taste, age, and experience.What they have in common is a interest in improvisation as a creative process and artistic expression.

During the performance. each musician take part as much as he or she wants, and could frequently enter or leave the room where the performance is taking place.The same thing goes for the audience; they pay the entrance, and then they are free to come and go as they please.

The first performance of STUND was held in Galleri Valfisken in Simrishamn
1/3 2009, and gathered about 30 musicians.

A new performance of STUND is planned for autumn 2013.


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