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Morph Ensemble

In march 2011 the first step was taken to form the bilateral ensemble MORPH. The aim was to form an ensemble with students from the Music Academys of Minsk in Belarus and Malmoe, Sweden.

Ensemble MORPH was created as an cooperation project between the Music Academy in Minsk and Malmoe and will exist in the frames of the educational program at each academy. Its progression will develop under influence of every musician involved, for a period of three years, ending in December 2013. 

Ensemble MORPH is led by Herman Müntzing who is the artistic director. The repertoire will consist of a modern kind of improvised music, organized not by a traditional score, but with other forms of guidelines and instructions like graphic notation, hand signs and similar.

The ensemble consists of:

Darya Lukashyk - voice
Elena Mashkovskaya - flute 
Stanislav Plvov - saxophone
Nana Pi Aabo-Larsen - saxophone  
Tatsiana Omelyanenko - violin
Ida Eriksson - nyckelharpa, violin
Ilona Les - cello
Dan Schyman - doublebass
Alexander Yasinski - accordeon, bayan
Simon Thörn - guitar
Niklas Bennerholm - percussion
Kristoffer Rostedt - drums
Irina Petkevich - piano

Herman Müntzing - artistic director
Margarethe Müntzing - coordinator

more info click here:

> www.12musiciansmakemorph.blogspot.se

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