I Have been treating electronic and acoustic devices since the late 80s. Exploring, experimenting, doubting, rejoicing, rejecting. Sometimes alone, sometimes with well known musicians from the so called "improv scene", sometimes with people who don't play so much, or people who don't even consider themselves being musicians.

Despite the fact that i, as a young music student, spent four years at the Academy of music in Stockholm, and nowadays frequently teach improvisation at the Academy of music in Malmö, i still enjoy music.

In my early years, there was the violin, and the electric bass. Then there was this urge to find new sounds, and it made me explore casual objects and their own unique sound qualities. Eventually this research made me create "The flexichord", a 12-stringed electric instrument made out of strings and pickups from 2 electric guitars. I did not know how to play it, which felt great. Guitar builder (and my brother in law) Martin Kuhn at Kuhnamps, helped me create the instrument.

I live in a little village, in a house i have built together with my wife Margarethe. Traveling slowly by train, specially in Poland where you can have the windows open and feel the wind, always makes me in a good mood. I enjoy playing my music in big cities or small villages far out in the countryside, the diversity is an inspiration.